7 Most VSAQ’s of Internal Trade Chapter in Inter 2nd Year Commerce (TS/AP)

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VSAQ-1 : Internal Trade. (OR) What is Internal Trade?

Internal trade, also referred to as ‘Domestic Trade‘ or ‘Home Trade,’ encompasses the exchange of goods and services within the borders of a specific country. It involves transactions where both buyers and sellers are typically located within the same nation. Internal trade is further categorized into two main segments:

  1. Wholesale Trade
  2. Retail Trade

VSAQ-2 : Wholesale Trade. (OR) Define Wholesale Trade.

Wholesale trade involves the purchase of goods in bulk quantities from manufacturers or producers and subsequently selling them in smaller quantities to retailers. Wholesalers play a crucial role as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers in the distribution chain. Their services are highly valuable to both producers and retailers.

VSAQ-3 : Hawkers and Pedlars. (OR) Write about Hawkers and pedlars.

Hawkers and pedlars are mobile vendors who travel from one location to another in search of customers. They typically sell unbranded and affordable products, such as flowers, vegetables, or other goods. Hawkers and pedlars provide a convenient service by bringing these products directly to consumers’ doorsteps.

VSAQ-4 : Cheap Jacks. (OR) Write about Cheap Jacks. (OR) Who are cheap jacks?

Cheap Jacks are itinerant traders who operate their businesses in small rented shops or temporary stalls for a limited period. They typically deal in low-cost items and often move from one location to another in search of better business opportunities. If they find that a particular place is not yielding satisfactory results, they may relocate to a different area to attract more customers.

VSAQ-5 : Second Hand Goods Shops.

Second-hand goods shops specialize in selling used or second-hand items such as old books, furniture, machinery, and other pre-owned goods. These shops offer these items at lower prices compared to new ones, making them a budget-friendly option for customers looking for cost-effective alternatives.

VSAQ-6 : Second’s Shops.

Second’s shops typically sell goods that are considered defective or damaged at a discounted rate. For example, a furniture dealer might offer a wooden chair with a manufacturing defect at a reduced price. These shops cater to budget-conscious consumers who are willing to accept minor imperfections in exchange for lower prices.

VSAQ-7 : Multiple shops. (OR) What is Multiple Shops? (OR) What do you mean by Multiple Shops?

Multiple shops, also known as “Chain Stores,” are a group of retail stores operated by a single business firm in various locations within a city or across different parts of a country. These shops typically specialize in selling standardized products, and they maintain a consistent brand image and product offering across all their locations. An example of a multiple shop is Bombay Dyeing, a well-known brand that operates multiple retail stores selling textiles and home products.