7 Most VSAQ’s of Emerging Political Trends 1977 to 2000 Chapter in Class 10th Social (TS/AP)

4 Marks

VSAQ-1 : Write how the Coalition Governments are working in our country now a days?

  1. Established Norm: Coalition politics is a recognized and accepted practice in the Indian democratic landscape.
  2. Emergence in the 1990s: During the 1990s, there was a proliferation of short-lived coalition governments.
  3. Present Scenario: National and regional parties now regularly engage in coalitions to form governments at both the central and state levels (e.g., UPA, NDA, Maha Kutami).
  4. Compromise and Moderation: Parties often need to compromise and moderate their stances to accommodate diverse coalition partners.
  5. Enhanced Decision-Making: Coalition politics encourages greater decision-making sensitivity and policy deliberation within the central government.

VSAQ-2 : Write about the 73rd amendment of the constitution.

  1. Gram Sabha: The amendment established the Gram Sabha, which serves as the primary governing body at the village or local level.
  2. Structures: The amendment also laid the foundation for the establishment of structures such as Gram Panchayats, Mandal Parishads, and Zilla Parishads.

VSAQ-3 : What is coalition government?

A coalition government is established when two or more political parties, whether at the state or national level, collaborate to form a government.

VSAQ-4 : Observe the table given below and answer the questions

Results of Telangana state assembly and parliament Elections 2014.

1.Name the two parties that secured more than 15 Assembly seats.

2.Why did TRS secure more seats in 2014 elections.

S.No.Name of the PartyAssembly Seats WonParliament Seats Won
2.Congress Party212

Parties with More Than 15 Assembly Seats:

  1. T.R.S (Telangana Rashtra Samithi): Secured 63 Assembly seats.
  2. Congress Party: Won 21 Assembly seats.

Reason for TRS’s Success in 2014 Elections

TRS secured more seats in the 2014 elections due to its significant role in the formation of the new Telangana state. This role garnered support and votes from people who favored the creation of the separate state.

VSAQ-5 : When and who announced emergency?

On June 25, 1975, Indira Gandhi announced a state of Emergency.

VSAQ-6 : What is Operation Barga?

Operation Barga was a land reform initiative carried out in West Bengal, India. Its primary objective was to bestow land rights upon sharecroppers and agricultural laborers.

VSAQ-7 : What is ‘ethnic cleansing’?

“Ethnic cleansing” denotes the intentional and systematic expulsion or eradication of a particular ethnic, racial, or religious group from a specific area or region. This process frequently involves violence, forced displacement, or other forms of persecution.