4 Most VSAQ’s of E-Business Chapter in Inter 1st Year Commerce (TS/AP)

2 Marks

VSAQ-1 : E-banking. (OR) What is ebanking? (OR) What do you mean by e-Banking? (OR) What is meant by E-Banking?

E-Banking, also known as Electronic Banking, refers to the online provision of banking services through the use of digital technologies and the internet. It enables bank customers to access their accounts, conduct financial transactions, and manage their finances electronically, without the need to visit physical bank branches. E-Banking services include online account monitoring, fund transfers, bill payments, mobile banking apps, and more. The rise of E-Banking has transformed the way people interact with financial institutions, offering convenience, efficiency, and 24/7 access to banking services. Security measures and customer support are integral components of E-Banking to ensure a safe and seamless banking experience.

VSAQ-2 : E-trading. (OR) What is e-trade? (OR) What do you mean by E-trading?

E-Trading, also referred to as Electronic Trading, involves the online buying and selling of financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities, within electronic trading platforms. This method of trading utilizes digital technology and internet connectivity to facilitate financial transactions. E-Trading platforms offer real-time market data, enabling traders and investors to monitor stock prices and execute orders promptly. This form of trading has global reach, allowing individuals and institutions from around the world to participate in financial markets and respond to market changes swiftly. E-Trading has become a fundamental component of the modern financial landscape, offering efficiency and accessibility to a wide range of financial assets.

VSAQ-3 : What is e-marketing?

E-Marketing, or Electronic Marketing, is the use of digital channels and electronic devices for promoting products or services. It includes online advertising, email marketing, social media, and more. E-Marketing capitalizes on the internet’s global reach, interactivity, and targeted approach to engage customers and drive sales. It’s a cost-effective, measurable, and convenient way to reach a broad audience.

VSAQ-4 : What is e-business? (OR) What is meant by E-Business?

E-Business, short for Electronic Business, is the conducting of business activities using electronic means such as the internet. It encompasses various operations like online sales, customer support, digital payments, and more. E-Business leverages technology to enhance efficiency, reach, and customer experience, driving modern commerce.