6 Most VSAQ’s of Natural Resources Chapter in Class 10th Biology (TS/AP)

2 Marks

VSAQ-1 : If water resource becomes scarce, will it affect the nature of soil in an area?

  1. Effect of Water Scarcity on Soil Nature:
    If water resources become scarce, it will indeed affect the nature of the soil in an area.
  2. Changes in Soil Structure:
    The scarcity of water can lead to changes in the soil structure, with the development of cracks.
  3. Impact on Soil Properties:
    The lack of soil moisture will impact the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the soil.
  4. Consequences on Biodiversity and Land Degradation:
    This can result in land degradation and loss of biodiversity, as many plants and organisms depend on suitable soil conditions for their survival and growth.
  5. Importance of Sustainable Water Management:
    Sustainable water management is crucial to maintaining healthy soil and preserving the ecosystem.

VSAQ-2 : Write two examples for non – renewable resources.

Examples of Non-Renewable Resources:

  1. Coal:
    A fossil fuel used primarily for electricity generation and various industrial processes, formed from decomposed plant matter over millions of years.
  2. Petroleum:
    A crucial resource widely used as a fuel for transportation and as a raw material in the chemical industry, formed from ancient organic matter over extensive time periods.

VSAQ-3 : Suggest any two activities to check soil erosion in your school.

Activities to Prevent Soil Erosion in Schools:

  1. Planting Trees:
    Trees and plants, with their extensive root systems, play a crucial role in stabilizing the soil. This helps in preventing erosion caused by factors like wind and water.
  2. Terrace Farming:
    Implementing terrace farming or constructing stepped terraces on sloped areas can significantly reduce the speed of water runoff. This process allows more water to infiltrate the soil, thus minimizing soil erosion.

VSAQ-4 : Write any two measures you take in your home to reduce consumption of electricity. (OR) Write two activities which you are performing to save electricity.

Measures to Reduce Electricity Consumption at Home:

  1. Use of LED Bulbs:
    Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs is an effective way to save electricity. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, consume less power, and help reduce energy bills.
  2. Switching off Fans and Lights:
    Ensuring that fans and lights are turned off when not in use is a simple yet significant method to conserve electricity. This practice helps in reducing unnecessary electricity usage and contributes to overall energy savings.

VSAQ-5 : To create awareness on “water conservation” in your locality what slogan you will suggest?

Slogans for Water Conservation Awareness:

  1. “Save water. It will save you.”
    This slogan emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between humans and water, highlighting the importance of conserving water for our own benefit.
  2. “Conserve water, conserve life.”
    This slogan underscores the essential role that water plays in sustaining life, encouraging the community to take active steps in water conservation for the longevity of all living beings.

VSAQ-6 : Identify the figure.

The figure represents forest wildlife. It likely showcases a variety of animals, birds, and plants that are part of a forest ecosystem, illustrating the rich biodiversity and inherent beauty of wildlife thriving in natural forest habitats.