11 Most VSAQ’s of The Movement for the Formation of Telangana State Chapter in Class 10th Social (TS/AP)

2 Marks

VSAQ-1 : What are the consequences of rich people from outside the state purchasing agriculture land in Telangana?

Negative Consequences:

Loss of Local Control: Local people may lose control over their own land as real estate developers acquire land, impacting their traditional livelihoods.

Positive Consequences:

Influx of Investments: The purchase of agricultural land by outsiders can bring in investments and development to the state’s economy.

VSAQ-2 : When was Telangana bill passed in the parliament?

The Telangana bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on 18th February 2014 and in the Rajya Sabha on 20th February 2014.

VSAQ-3 : What is the formation day of Telangana?

The formation day of Telangana is June 2nd, 2014.

VSAQ-4 : What are the main reasons for discontent over non implementation of the Gentlemen Agreement?

The discontent over the non-implementation of the Gentlemen’s Agreement in Telangana stemmed from several key issues:

  1. Income Diversion: Diversion of Telangana’s additional income to other regions.
  2. Employment Discrimination: Discrimination against Telangana people in government employment.
  3. Mulki Rules Violation: Violation of Mulki rules by granting permanent residence to Coastal Andhra working individuals in Telangana.

VSAQ-5 : What does the “Mulki Rule” say?

Residence Requirement: Individuals must have resided in the Telangana region for at least 12 years.

VSAQ-6 : What is meant by “state within the state”.

The term “state within the state” pertains to the unique status that Telangana maintained within the newly constituted state of Andhra Pradesh, thanks to the “Gentlemen’s Agreement.” This agreement provided specific safeguards and guarantees to protect Telangana’s interests within the broader state structure.

VSAQ-7 : Which Prime Minister had taken police action on Hyderabad state?

Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of India, ordered the police action on Hyderabad state.

VSAQ- 8 : Who was the first elected Chief Minister of democratic state of Hyderabad?

Mr. Burgula Rama Krishna Rao was the inaugural elected Chief Minister of the democratic state of Hyderabad.

VSAQ-9 : When was six point formula formulated by the Central Government?

The Central government formulated the Six-Point Formula in 1973.

VSAQ-10 : Name the committee which was appointed by the Indian Government on Telangana issue.

The Sri Krishna Committee was appointed by the Indian Government to address the Telangana issue.

VSAQ-11 : Name any two forms of protest that were fought as a part of Telangana agitation.

Two forms of protest that were part of the Telangana agitation include:

  1. Padayatras (Marches): These were organized long-distance foot marches undertaken by activists and supporters to demonstrate their demands and grievances.
  2. Garjanas (Public Meetings): Garjanas were large-scale public gatherings where leaders and activists addressed the masses, mobilized support, and voiced the concerns and objectives of the Telangana movement.