3 Most VSAQ’s of Electromagnetism Chapter in Class 10th Physical Science (TS/AP)

2 Marks

VSAQ-1 : Correct the diagram according to lens law and draw it again.

VSAQ-2 : What is the use of slip-ring in AC motor ?

  1. Function in AC Motor: The slip ring is an important component in an AC motor used to transmit electrical power between the stationary part (stator) and the rotating part (rotor) of the motor.
  2. Application in Wound Rotor Induction Motors: In certain types of AC motors, such as wound rotor induction motors, the slip ring allows for a reliable and continuous electrical connection to the rotor windings.
  3. Control of Speed and Torque: This enables the motor to control the speed and torque characteristics, making it suitable for various industrial applications like cranes, elevators, and conveyor systems.
  4. Efficient Power Transfer: The slip ring ensures efficient power transfer and smooth motor operation.

VSAQ-3 : What happens when a current carrying coil is placed in a uniform magnetic field ?

  1. Magnetic Force Interaction: When a current-carrying coil is placed in a uniform magnetic field, the coil experiences a magnetic force due to the interaction between the magnetic fields. This phenomenon is known as the motor effect or magnetic force on a current-carrying conductor.
  2. Induced Motion: The force causes the coil to rotate or move, depending on its orientation with respect to the magnetic field.
  3. Application in Electromagnetic Devices: This principle is the basis for many electromagnetic devices, including electric motors and generators, where the interaction between the magnetic field and current-carrying coils produces mechanical motion or electrical energy conversion.