11 Most VSAQ’s of Food Security Chapter in Class 10th Social (TS/AP)

2 Marks

VSAQ-1 : Write two slogans to improve the consumption of ‘Millets’.

  1. “Choose Millets, Embrace Healthier Hearts!”
  2. “Power Your Plate with Millets, Reduce Cholesterol’s Fates!”

VSAQ-2 : What is meant by Food Security?

Food Security means ensuring that all individuals have consistent access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food to maintain an active and healthy life.

VSAQ-3 : How is BMI calculated?

BMI (Body Mass Index) is calculated using the formula: BMI = Weight in Kg/Height in Metres

VSAQ-4 : What is National Food security Act?

The National Food Security Act, 2013, is a legislation passed by the Indian parliament to ensure affordable food grains for low-income families, aiming to reduce hunger and improve food security.

VSAQ-5 : What is meant by buffer stock?

Buffer stock refers to the reserve quantity of essential commodities, such as food grains, that the government maintains to stabilize prices and ensure their availability during times of scarcity or fluctuating market conditions.

VSAQ-6 : What is meant by calorie?

A calorie is a unit of measurement for energy. It is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. In the context of food and nutrition, calories are used to measure the energy content of the food we consume.

VSAQ-7 : Write two reasons for low calorie intake in India.

Two Reasons for Low Calorie Intake in India

  1. Economic Factors: Many people in India have limited economic resources, which affects their ability to afford calorie-rich foods. Poverty, unemployment, and low wages contribute to inadequate food consumption.
  2. Food Insecurity: Uneven distribution of food, lack of access to nutritious foods, and inadequate food supply in certain regions can lead to lower calorie intake among the population.

VSAQ-8 : What are nutri-cereals? Give some examples.

Nutri-cereals are highly nutritious grains that are considered healthier alternatives to refined cereals.

Examples of Nutri-Cereals:

  1. Bajra (Pearl Millet)
  2. Jowar (Sorghum)
  3. Ragi (Finger Millet)
  4. Foxtail Millet
  5. Proso Millet
  6. Kodo Millet
  7. Little Millet

VSAQ-9 : Give some examples for coarse and fine cereals.

Coarse Cereals

  1. Jowar (Sorghum)
  2. Ragi (Finger Millet)
  3. Bajra (Pearl Millet)
  4. Maize (Corn)
  5. Millets (Various types)

Fine Cereals

  1. Paddy or Rice
  2. Wheat

VSAQ-10 : What is meant by Minimum Support Price (MSP)?

Minimum Support Price (MSP) is the price at which the government assures to purchase agricultural products from farmers, providing them with a minimum guaranteed income for their produce.

VSAQ-11 : Write any two reasons for better implementation of Public Distribution System in southern states.

  1. Universal Approach: Southern states have adopted a universal approach in their Public Distribution System, ensuring that food grains are available to everyone at low prices.
  2. Targeted Assistance: These states also focus on providing different products to the most vulnerable sections of society. For instance, families with Antyodaya Cards receive 35 kgs of food grains each month.